The Pantone Color Institute holds a secret two-day-long meeting in a chosen city in Europe where they invite representatives from various colour standard groups. At the end of their discussions, they come to the conclusion of picking a new Colour of the Year. When the Pantone Color Institute announced the Color of the Year for 2016, they’ve surprised us all with choosing two colours instead of one: Serenity and Rose Quartz. We’re going to focus on Rose Quartz and what to expect in terms of flowers and decor.

Rose Quartz Colour of the Year 2016. Image from here.

There is a trend where colour schemes are moving more towards softer palettes, and Rose Quartz fits right in, offering a warmer and feminine touch. It can be described as a dusky pink, with Pantone Color Institute calling it “… a persuasive yet gentle tone that conveys compassion and a sense of composure.” This soft shade works extremely well as a wedding colour theme, for example. Take a look at the inspiring options below.

Rose Quartz with Flowers


Flowers at a wedding reception. Image from here.


Different flowers in Rose Quartz. Image from here.


Flowers as centre pieces. Image from here.


Rose Quartz bouquets. Image from here.


Rose Quartz with Decor


Table decor at a fancy event, in Rose Quartz shades. Image from here.


Elegant touches to the theme. Image from here.


Welcome drinks matching the colour scheme. Image from here.


Rose Quartz coloured candles and napkins. Image from here.


This stunningly versatile shade can be used for interior decorating, parties, formal functions and other events too. In fact, Pantone Color Institute even suggests a combo of colour palettes to help incorporate the Rose Quartz into your home, office or event.

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